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Glen Quilter

VP of Operations

Glen Quilter is Vice President of Operations for Nexeo HR ("Nexeo"). He oversees companywide operations, working cross-functionally to develop, implement, and optimize performance through technology, standardized processes, training, development, and accountability. Glen plays a pivotal role in shaping and leading Nexeo's systems and technology strategies, overseeing the development and uses of technology software and other applications to enhance performance and transition to tech-enabled scalable operations. Glen leads the core focus throughout the company to identify and implement strategies to increase candidate flow that results in successful placements, improved associates' lives, and satisfied clients.

Prior to Nexeo, Glen built his career in SaaS and Services industries. He delivered success for his companies through progressive roles focused on service and support, business account management and revenue growth, new product development and process improvement, and optimized team management. Glen holds a Masters of Business Administration degree from Texas A&M University - Commerce with a concentration in accounting and finance, and a Bachelors of Science degree in psychology with a minor in business management.

Glen thrives on spending time with his family playing sports, cooking, traveling, and lounging. He values learning and experiences and enjoys urban adventuring, trying to experience new places like a local. Glen is an amusement park thrill ride enthusiast, and the taller, faster, and longer the coaster, the better. He is energized by lush green outdoors with his favorite area being the great pacific northwest. He is bilingual in Spanish and loves Spanish clubbing with his wife, with Salsa dancing as his favorite. Glen is value driven, and in his youth earned the Eagle Scout award, served a proselyting mission for his church, and currently enjoys serving in his local congregation.