Compliance & Risk Management

Let us ease the burden with the technology and expertise to keep your company in compliance.
Frustrated by compliance

The Compliance Burden

Change is constant, especially when it comes HR legislation. Nexeo can help you take on the compliance burden.

With the ever-changing regulatory guidelines for HR and employment-related litigation on the rise, employers have no choice but to adapt or seek help to reduce liability and compliance risk. If you’re not confident in your ability to remain compliant, we can help. 


Put our experience and expertise to work for you to simplify the compliance burden.

Minimize the Risk

Whether it’s ACA, FLSA, EEOC, OSHA and beyond, employers face risk from many sources.

Employers often feel there is a target on their back. Let us help you minimize that ever-growing risk. At Nexeo, our experienced HR team can guide you through the key areas of compliance, including:


  • Payroll
  • Benefit administration
  • Risk and safety
  • Hiring and recruitment
  • Employee relations
  • Termination
  • Recordkeeping
Compliance HR Solutions

Compliance Solutions

Reduce your risk. We provide the insurance, training and expertise to ensure your business remains safe.


Successful compliance is about implementing a system of tools, practices and adequate preparation. Whether it’s establishing a comprehensive employee handbook, conducting internal assessments to identify vulnerabilities, or administering a comprehensive training program to help your staff be mindful of risk, we can position your company for success.


Retaining experienced HR staff can be a challenge. HR professionals often wear many hats but are also expected to have a thorough understanding of all HR functions, which are in constant change. Let us be your consistent HR expert. We can help you prepare for both the common and more complicated challenges employers face.

Classification of employees

I-9 Compliance

EEOC Enforcement

Employee Recordkeeping

Affordable Care Act

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)


Employee Training

Handbook Development