Time & Labor Management

Lower labor costs. Increase productivity. Cut hours of payroll prep time.

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Employee labor is costly, but you can minimize the cost with the right tools. Eliminate inflated hours and overtime. Prevent “buddy punching” and other forms of time theft. Minimize late arrivals, early departures, extended breaks and other costly habits that result in punch rounding in the employee’s favor.

Time really is money. Lower your cost of employee labor with automated timekeeping.

Automated timekeeping is one of the best investments an employer can make. Not only will it lower your cost of labor and administration while decreasing compliance risk, it will increase employee productivity. What more could you ask for from a simple, affordable solution?

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Start saving on the cost of labor

Employee labor is among an employers greatest expenses, yet it’s often one of the most poorly tracked. Now you can start saving.


  • Eliminate costly “punch rounding” in the employee’s favor
  • Control regular and overtime wages
  • Prevent “buddy punching”
  • Minimize time theft
  • Stop paying for late arrivals and early departures
  • Minimize extended breaks and lunches
  • Cut hours of payroll prep time
  • Reduce human error in payroll
Lower labor costs
Reduce compliance risk | Department of Labor

Reduce compliance risk

Employment-related non-compliance is a growing challenge for businesses. Simplify with automated timekeeping.

Remaining compliant seems to be more complicated than ever. One of the easiest ways to reduce the risk is to use automated timekeeping. Whether it’s for ACA or FLSA or another compliance guideline, employers must rely on the right tools to minimize ongoing risk.

TimeWorks Mobile

Manage employee time on-the-go. Simplify time off requests and time card approvals. All with TimeWorks Mobile.


Manage labor costs for remote employees. Cut down on admin time across your organization! From employees clocking in/out to supervisors approving time cards, get the convenience you need with TimeWorks Mobile, now with Pinpoint GPS!