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Now Hiring? No Applicants? What Can You Do? 

October 13, 2021

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It is no secret there is a shortage of workers, but an abundance of companies in need of hiring. With this lack of workers, companies in need are having to close their doors. So, what changes can be made to get applicants in the door and convert them to starts? 

Sign-on Bonus 

A tactic many companies have already implemented is a sign-on bonus. Basically, if someone starts work with your company, and works for so many days, then they can receive a sign-on bonus. These bonuses can range from $50 to $1,000, if not more, but is completely dependent on the company. 

A similar tactic to sign-on bonuses is attendance bonuses. If a worker starts work with a company and has perfect attendance, they are eligible for an attendance bonus. Perfect attendance means showing up to shifts but also showing up on time. 

Increased Pay  

Pay is a huge factor in why workers are not wanting to work. During the pandemic, they found they can make more on unemployment or that their hourly wage was not enough to make the job “worth it”. So, if your company can financially handle the increased cost, increasing the pay for positions you are trying to fill, is a great option. 

Employee Incentives 

When you think of incentives you probably think bonuses, company lunches, gym memberships, and more. However, since the pandemic, workers want incentives like work-from-home options, childcare options, better vacation time, and so many more important incentives. If companies start to implement these helpful incentives, they are likely to receive more applicants.  

Be Transparent  

Now more than ever it is necessary for companies to be transparent about the roles they are trying to fill. Workers want to know what they will be doing, how demanding it will be, and so much more upfront rather than finding out when they start.  

While there are many more incentives companies can put in place to attract more workers, what you choose to do should be dependent on the needs of your company, the type of workers you are trying to attract, and what those workers are looking for. Keeping these 3 things in mind or implementing one of the incentives above, will allow you to fill your open positions and keep your doors open.