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Workplace Safety

2021-12-07 22:13:21

Safety in the workplace is very important to workers and employers. Workers want to be able to go to work and leave with no injuries and employers want their employees to come to work and leave with no injuries. So, every company has protocols in place to ensure the safety of its employees. While this differs from...

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Have You Heard About Our Referral Program?

2021-12-01 20:37:35

Here at Nexeo, we offer a referral program for all our assoc (...more)

Staffing – Worst Practices

2021-11-10 23:30:36

In a previous blog, we talked about the best practices in the staffing (...more)

Now Hiring? No Applicants? What Can You Do? 

2021-10-13 22:55:31

It is no secret there is a shortage of workers, but an abundance of co (...more)

Prior Experience Can Get You Far

2021-09-27 21:31:12

Experience is a large part of the staffing industry. A lot of job (...more)

Let’s Talk about General Labor!

2021-08-20 17:30:57

What is general labor? Most people do not know, but it means just that, gen (...more)

Staffing – Best Practices

2021-07-14 17:35:45

When it comes to staffing there are a lot of factors, a lot of positions wi (...more)

What an HR Firm Can Do for You

2021-06-08 20:50:47

Every company, small and large, has a Human Resources department. (...more)