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Resume Tips 

March 4, 2022

A resume is one of the most important tools you can have going into an interview or when applying for a job. Your resume sets you apart from others, shows how interested you are in the job, and shows what you are capable of all with one sheet of paper. To put your best self forward, check out these great resume tips! 

  1. Leave your high school experience in high school!  
  1. Keep your resume short and concise! 
  1. Put the most important information first!  
  1. Keep your resume relevant! Anything that distracts from key information should not be included. 
  1. Use active language! Use words like ‘achieved’ or ‘accomplished’ rather than ‘I did’ or ‘finished’. 

At Nexeo specifically, a resume helps us place you in the best position available for your skill set and personality. So even if you do not get the job you applied for, we will find you the next best job or quite possibly a better one.