Candidate FAQs

As a staffing agency, Nexeo works with many well-respected local businesses (clients) to provide quality workers to help supplement their current staff. Clients will reach out Nexeo requesting a number of people they need to fill open positions. Nexeo will then fill those positions with talented workers from its pool of talented associates.

Nexeo has hundreds of open positions at any given time and is constantly looking for more talented people to fill those positions. Associates hired by Nexeo are Nexeo employees. They are paid by Nexeo, receive benefits through Nexeo and their employment is managed by Nexeo. However, the work they perform is done at one of Nexeo’s clients, which means they will report to work at a client location, clock in/out at the client location and their work will be monitored by the client and reported to Nexeo.

There are many reasons to work for Nexeo. Nexeo has helped hundreds of thousands of good people like you find good jobs. We attribute this success to many factors including working with quality clients to find good job opportunities, providing competitive wages and quality benefits, but the biggest factor is our dedication to our associates. We care about those who work at Nexeo and work hard to find the right job for every person who applies.
Because of our prior success, Nexeo has hundreds of jobs available and is constantly filling those positions daily. We can help you find employment.

Nexeo works with several local businesses to provide a variety of job options to our associates. Many of our jobs take place in a warehouse type setting (production worker, shipping and receiving, assembly technician, etc.) but we also have jobs in other areas like customer service, accounting, administrative work, clerical work, construction, welding, machinist operating, and many more. For a list of all available jobs, please give us a call and talk to one of our recruiters or view our job board.

Nexeo pays its associates weekly (every Friday.) There are some instances, upon client request, when associates may be paid on a different cycle (every other week, semimonthly) but that is rare.

Nexeo provides multiple ways from which an associate may choose to be paid:

Direct Deposit
This is the simplest and most efficient way to be paid each week. An associate may sign up for direct deposit and have funds deposited directly into their bank account.
Pay Card
Associates without a bank account may receive a pay card free of charge. A pay card acts like a standard credit card. Funds are deposited into the owner’s account each week and those funds are immediately accessible via a pay card that can be used to make purchases anywhere just like a credit card.
Paper Check
As a last resort, an associate may choose to be paid by paper check for a small processing fee. This is not the recommended method for payment as it requires the associate to come into a Nexeo branch each week to pick up the check and then travel to their bank to cash it. Plus, the associate runs the risk of losing the check before cashing it.

Yes. Nexeo provides health, dental, vision, limited life and short-term disability insurance to every Nexeo associate (temporary worker.) As part of the hiring process, an associate will be presented with the option to sign up for these benefits and have them explained to you so you can make an informed decision.

No. Nexeo provides a variety of job types:

The majority of jobs at Nexeo are temp-to-hire positions. Temp-to-hire positions allow associates to be employed by Nexeo and work at one of Nexeo’s clients as a temporary worker for a period of time. Once the associate has worked a minimum number of hours the client may choose to hire on the associate directly. As such, temp-to-hire positions are a great way to get your foot in the door with our clients that can lead to long-term employment opportunities.
Some of Nexeo’s clients need help with short-term assignments. Therefore, Nexeo has some temporary positions available that will last for a finite period of time (1 month, 2 weeks, 1 week, etc.)
Direct Hire
Nexeo also works to place talented individuals in direct hire position with our clients. A direct hire position is one where the worker is hired on directly by the client and Nexeo helps facilitate the hiring process by finding quality talent, providing resume and interview coaching, arranging preemployment interviews and recommending a person for hire.

Nexeo has a variety of positions and we offer both full time and part-time work.

Nexeo has a variety of positions with various working schedules. We have morning shifts, day shifts, swing shifts, graveyard shifts, weekday shifts, weekend shifts, etc. Pretty much every type of schedule you can imagine.

No, applying to work at Nexeo is 100% free. It also does not cost you anything to work at Nexeo. Quite the opposite, Nexeo pays you a competitive wage for your work.

Yes. To apply to work at Nexeo you can fill out a general application on our website or you can review our list of available jobs on our job board and apply for a specific job.

To fill out a general application click ‘Apply Now’ at the top of the screen

To apply for a specific job click ‘Search Jobs’ at the top of the screen

Not always. Most of our jobs do not require a resume. Some clients will require a resume if the client would like to meet you before we send you to work there. In those cases, if you do not have a resume Nexeo will help you create a resume. We also provide resume coaching to help you improve your resume.

Yes. Nexeo does participate in E-Verify. Every associate who is hired by Nexeo will be run through the E-Verify process to determine if the individual is authorized to work in the United States of America.

Nexeo will run a background check on behalf of our clients if the client requires a preemployment background check.

Nexeo will administer a drug screening on behalf of our clients if the client requires a pre-employment drug screen.

Not long. You can apply in minutes. If you visit our job board and apply to a specific job you can take advantage of our quick apply feature that only captures the minimum information needed for us to contact you about the job. You will be done in a minute or two.

If you fill out a general application, we will capture more information (previous work experience, skills, EEO, etc.) but the application can still be completed in 10 minutes or less.

For most of our jobs, Nexeo can help you complete the hiring process, find you a job and have you start the next day, sometimes even the same day. However, the time it takes to get you through the hiring process and starting a new job is dependent on a few things:

  • How quickly you complete the application and the new hire paperwork. Don’t worry we have an easy to use system that helps streamline this process to make it quick and easy

  • If the client has a set start date, some jobs will require orientation or training before starting work and these orientations/trainings are often scheduled on specific days.

  • If the client requires that you interview with them before being selected for a job, some clients would like to meet the people we plan to hire before beginning work for the client. In that case, your new start date may be delayed a day or two to coordinate and administer the interview.

  • For direct hire positions, the length of time for starting will depend on the client’s hiring process.

First, it is unlikely that we won’t have a job that fits you’re your skill set, but if we don’t have something readily available that meets your needs we are happy to add you to our availability list and call you once we get a job that is a better fit for you. We receive new job requests every day, so you won’t have to wait long.

If you accept a job and find out after working there that it isn’t a good fit, please finish your current shift and then give us a call. We will work with you to understand your concerns and help resolve them. If we can also see if there may be another position that is better for us.