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Staffing – Worst Practices

November 10, 2021

Team of Business People

In a previous blog, we talked about the best practices in the staffing industry, but what are the practices you should avoid? Below are a few staffing practices we think you should avoid or click here to learn about the best staffing practices. 

  1. Not contacting ALL your leads 

Some jobs will have dozens, if not hundreds of applicants, which can make it difficult to contact everyone. However, this also means you can lose out on great candidates even if they are not a good fit for that specific job because they will be a good fit for at least one. 

  1. Not Retargeting or Remarketing 

The practice of retargeting or remarketing is contacting leads again after they have completed an assignment, been contacted, and not responded to, and so on. Basically, you are letting them know you are still there and interested. If you are not doing this, you are losing out on potential job placements all because the worker probably just forgot about you. So, make them remember through an email campaign, text campaign, and more. 

  1. Lack of Transparency 

Being transparent means a lot of different things in different situations and industries. In recruiting, being transparent means giving the worker all the information you have on the job and its demands. If there is a lack of transparency, this can turn away the worker from the job and from the staffing agency. Transparency equals trust.