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Staffing – Best Practices

July 14, 2021

Group of happy business people and company staff in modern office, representing company.

When it comes to staffing there are a lot of factors, a lot of positions within the staffing company, and a lot of positions to staff. Staffing companies can have hundreds to thousands of jobs open at a time depending on the company size, with only 15-30 recruiters to fill those jobs. Here are some best practices Nexeo maintains to fill jobs quickly:

  • Focus

Recruiters are assigned specific clients to work with. These recruiters focus solely on the staffing for those clients to get positions filled quickly, focus on specific needs, and remove any lack of communication.

  • Flexibility is Key

This year we have opened 2 new branches. One in Dallas and one in Chicago. Our clients needed jobs filled in these areas, so we proved ourselves and opened a branch where we were needed.

Recruiters then need to be flexible for their clients and associates. Does an associate need help over the weekend? We are there to respond. Did an associate not show up to their shift? We are there to get ahold of them and figure out why.

  • Keep in Touch

Nexeo sends out texts to their associates every day. This allows us to work out any kinks and make sure associates are showing up to their shifts fully prepared for our clients. It also allows us to open conversations with the associates about concerns they have working for a certain company, which helps us find the right fit for our clients and our associates.