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What an HR Firm Can Do for You

June 8, 2021

Employees Working

Every company, small and large, has a Human Resources department. They either have their own, hire an outside company like Nexeo, or they do both. These exist to do hiring/staffing, payroll, proper paperwork, and maintain a good, healthy working environment for the employees. We are going to look at what an HR firm does. 

An HR firm, or staffing company, does almost all of what an internal HR department does, except for maintaining the work environment and being on-site with the client they work for. However, if a client requests an on-site HR employee, the firm can hire one. To be specific, HR firms handle payroll, staffing, and paperwork. Some HR firms even offer benefits, so the client does not have to. A client can use all these services or only some. 

A firm will hire any type of employee you want and in any way you want. An HR firm hires temps, full-time, part-time, direct hire, and so on, all to meet your needs. They will do any paperwork required and even send out Covid-19 questionnaires for employees coming to work each day. An HR firm takes over these necessary practices, so you can focus on other tasks, while the firm focuses on your needs. 

Nexeo offers all these services to its clients and potential clients. Request a quote today and let us focus on your needs!