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Prior Experience Can Get You Far

September 27, 2021

Male warehouse worker sealing cardboard boxes.

Experience is a large part of the staffing industry. A lot of jobs require a certain level of experience to be hired or even considered for it. So, how do you attain this experience? Experience can be attained through internships, entry-level positions, and schooling.  

Through schooling, you can gain the necessary information for your career field. However, unless you are at a trade school, you will not have any hands-on experience. You will need to find a job to receive it.  

Internships allow you to learn hands-on in a job while also going to school. Internships are meant to teach in real-life scenarios since school can only teach you so much. 

Entry-level positions require little to no experience, hence them being entry-level positions. If you want to gain experience in a certain career field, you can apply for one of these jobs to do so. You do not have to have any schooling except for a high school diploma and as mentioned, no experience. 

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